Transition Planning from Senior high school to College – Part II


Colleges differ within their support programs for students along with learning disabilities. Most colleges offer a minimum of a basic program for sensible accommodations, while others offer a far more comprehensive support program.


Basic testing and program lodging

Learning and Writing Centers open to all students

Student must reveal disability upon admissions

Disability Contact Person wears many hats and could have no specialized training


Learning Centers specifically with regard to students with disabilities

Mix associated with peers and professional tutors

Assistance with writing and/or study abilities

Testing and program accommodations

There might be a fee


Planner has expertise in learning afflictions

Wide range of tutorial facilitates

Structured and individualized approach

Advisement as well as early registration

Frequent monitoring associated with student progress

Special application and could include a summer transition plan for freshmen

There may be considered a substantial fee

If your child is going to be asking for any level of accommodations in college you have to submit a comprehensive neuropsychological or psycho educational evaluation which provides clear and specific evidence from the disability, states a diagnosis, and specifies limitations on academic functioning within the diagnostic summary statement. Do not really submit IEP’s. They are not really considered documentation. Learning weaknesses or differences don’t constitute a learning disability. Test results will include scaled or standard scores as well as percentiles.

Some colleges allow the assessment to be a maximum of 3 years old; but most colleges insist that the testing be a maximum of 1 year old please (check using the college to verify). The test should be given by a certified and/or certified professional.

Aptitude Testing: Accepted Steps:

Report must include full size and subtest scores and percentiles. Wechsler Grownup Intelligence Scale (WAIS-III)

Achievement Screening: Accepted Measures:

Report must consist of full scale and subtest ratings and percentiles; grade equivalents aren’t acceptable. The Wechsler Individual Accomplishment Test II (WIAT II)

The support your son or daughter will need in college ought to help plan their college options. Once the preliminary details happen to be decided a complete high school map can make sure yourchild is well prepared for any successful transition.

In 9th Grade your son or daughter should:

Begin a Transition Profile, saving such items as statement cards, diplomas and certificates; a summary of awards and honors you obtain; a list of all college and community activities you be a part of; a list of offices you possess in these organizations; and a summary of volunteer or paid jobs you possess. Update this file every term.